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Welcome to Organic Cucumber.

2009-07-19 07:11:59 by Organic-Cucumber

Welcome to Organic Cucumber!

Here is our current member list:
Jessi - (Jessismith) - Self-appointed Leader (for the moment anyway)
Leechtime (Assassin2) - Sexual Vice Predident
MrSaint - Eastern Europe's Governor
Jonbro - American Governor of cool
Jimbo da Mint Flava (Spirosgod) - Cheif gangsta drawer
Gaia (rednikaiaG) - The north american governer of inconsistant lies.
Stag (Stalagmite) - Magic Voice Man / Commissioner of Cheese
Sean (Seanlikeskites) - Master procrastinator
Drew (drewthemew) - Stalagmite's bitch / pokemon pimp
nick (nimble-nick) - Jam salesman
Stepmania (Stepmania) - Pokemon Ecologist / Ink Manager

__________Old Cucumbians_____

Jason (TARDOM) -

If you would like to join us, send us a PM! Or just commend on Page 2.


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2009-07-29 15:36:29

I would opt for commenting on page 2, as well.
Good point, TARDOM.
*nods accordingly*


2009-07-29 16:18:20

Heheh, "Tea fetcher" I love it. :D


2009-08-25 20:55:23

...but then again, I AM the "Norf American Gub'nah of Inconsistent Lies
so. . . why the fuck would you listen to what I say anyway?


2009-08-30 10:33:19

I'm so a Ink Manager! XD


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