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Cucumber Radio is on the air!

2010-02-13 16:54:47 by Organic-Cucumber

Cucumber Radio comes from the genius mind of Jason and Leech from Organic Cucumber.

Airing live, Cucumber Radio has many fabulous segments such as "Yell at a Spaniard", "Trivial Pursuit" and "Request a Prank" with dozens more!

If you would like to listen in to the live show, send us a PM or email either:

You can request a prank!!!
For your own pleasure we'll call anybody you want and prank them in any way you like. Embarrass an ex, get back at your boss, or challenge us by trying to get us to sell microwavable pillow cases to a Swedish couple.

We'll submit each show to NG for you to download and listen to whenever you like.

So stay tuned and we'll see you on the air! Well, you'll see us, hear us actually. YAY!


We are very excited to announce that Organic Cucumber is hosting auditions for positions in our musical team. In this post, I will explain what we are about, what is expected of our team members and what benefits there are to being a member.

Organic Cucumber was founded by Jason Enderby in 2008. It started as a simple outlet for the mental instability of Jason (AKA TARDOM). His methodological approach was to spend the entire duration of a track doing a single instrumental track, and repeating this process until all layers of the song were complete. This resulted in Jason being seen and heard as a slightly unstable but nevertheless harmless chap. Leechtime (AKA Assassin2) later joined Jason and explored with him the possibilities of A Cappella. We were later joined by an energetic MrSaint, a much needed flavor to our ever growing group. Today, Organic Cucumber has been behind some of Hollywood's greatest film scores, and by behind them I mean have done A Cappella versions of them. Organic Cucumber strive to create an A Compelling piece every time.

As a member of Organic Cucumber, your roles will involve researching songs that you deem adequate for an A Cappella (or anything else), liaising with other members to organise vocal input to have sent to a designated sound engineer, a psychologically questionable medical record is desired but not essential, as is the ability to sing.

The benefits of becoming a member of Organic Cucumber are quite simple. You will find it increasingly easier to create A Cappella pieces, and you will gain a strong sense of admiration from Fisherman and other people that have a profession situated near water that can also be a hobby; such as Surfers, Horticulturalists, Cooks, Janitors and Olympic Swimmers/Divers.

So don't be afraid, apply for Organic Cucumber today and create something magical tomorrow. Just send us a PM!

Click here for our up to date member list.


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